Pope's Monthly Prayer Intention


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Prayer of the Faithful | Sunday, March 18, 2018


For all bishops, priests and religious, that Christ will use their ministries to draw non-believers to himself through his cross and resurrection, we pray to the Lord.


For government leaders, that they will thirst for justice and act in solidarity with the poor and the outcast, we pray to the Lord.


For all Christians, that we will rejoice in the gift of God’s presence in each moment the Lord has given us, we pray to the Lord.


For Development and Peace and its partner organizations in developing nations, that they will work together for peace and reconciliation, we pray to the Lord.


For our parish community, that we will be strengthened in our resolve to support the work of human cooperation and dialogue in developing nations, we pray to the Lord.


For the sick and the dying, that they will have servant hearts in the face of suffering and death, we pray to the Lord.


For those who have died, that they will live eternally in the new world where justice abides forever, we pray to the Lord.