Psalms for the Liturgical Year

Psalms for the Liturgical Year 


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December 3, 2023: 1st Sunday of Advent (Psalm 80)

December 10, 2023: 2nd Sunday of Advent (Psalm 85)

December 17, 2023: 3rd Sunday of Advent (Luke 1)

December 24, 2023: 4th Sunday of Advent (Psalm 89)

December 25, 2023: Nativity of the Lord (Psalm 96/night; psalm 97/dawn; psalm 98/day)

December 31, 2023: Holy Family (Psalm 105)


January 1, 2024: Mary, Mother of God (Psalm 67)

January 7, 2024: Epiphany of the Lord (Psalm 72)

January 14, 2024: 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Psalm 40)

January 21, 2024: 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Psalm 25)

January 28, 2024: 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Psalm 95)


February 4, 2024: 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Psalm 147)

February 11, 2024: 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Psalm 32)


Each book contains a code and a URL to access the music for streaming

Psalms for the Liturgical Year: Year A

Psalms for the Liturgical Year: Year B

Psalms for the Liturgical Year: Year C